Testing The WordPress Redirect

I have added script to my Chrome browser to allow me to use the old editor that I liked so much. This post is a test of that redirect. I’m going to add a picture at the end of this text to see how it responds to my left clicking on the posted test.

Although I was able to use the original editor to create the post there is still an issue with the loss of being able to left click on the photo to enlarge it for the viewer. oh well, I guess WordPress wins this round.

Amber #2


4 thoughts on “Testing The WordPress Redirect

  1. I notice that they have sneakily dropped “WP Admin” lower in the menu too. It’s a lot harder to spot now. I do have a script in place to get me to the old editor but it is still taking a lot more clicks to get where I want to go. WordPress are really cheesing me off lately.

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