A Little Off The Bottom Please

Bishop new what was coming. When everyone in attendance at yesterday’s family gathering instinctively Bishop knew his time was coming. He had to be coaxed to go on the outside deck so that 3 of the adults could give him a haircut. Bishop is an Australian sheep dog whose fur gets quite long this time of year. I could tell the people involved had experience doing this chore. First you must immobilize the doggie by straddling him so he can’t move or attempt to get away. Noth the other two participants take turns clipping first with shears and then an electric trimmer designed for pet hair. The result was a not so happy dog that would probably thank them all later, much later.

They Cut My Tail Off

A Little Off The Bottom

After The Haircut


2 thoughts on “A Little Off The Bottom Please

  1. Yup that is a project. I tried clipping our lasapoos but I was frankly horrible at it and they hated me doing it. So about 3 times a year we took them to Amy at PetSmart who was great with them and made them look handsome. I bet you get those great photos of Bonnie because you do continuous shooting which of course pays off.
    Scott’s home, so is Rebecca so It’s time to eat some leftovers. Take care. Oh yes, the Zoo Lights was a lot of fun. I was so exhausted from grocery shopping all day that I didn’t take my monopod. Next time. I got a few nice photos. They did it different this year that worked out great. It was a long 1 way walk that went down and creatively used the service road. It was fun and quite cold. It was a very different use of the zillions of lights.

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