Cancelling Monday

Dispicable Minion SantaEverything I had planned for today has fallen apart. I had a mental health appointment at the VA scheduled for 1:00 p.m. cancelled when the shrink called in sick. I was going to do some Christmas shopping online during Cyber Monday but I’m broke so by the time my pension check gets deposited tomorrow morning the sales will be over and the money will just have to sit there until stuff goes on sale again. I’ve been looking at the sneak peek sales on that stuff and it all seems like junk to me. Not interested!

Minions 2


4 thoughts on “Cancelling Monday

  1. Me too and I am wondering how many people are going to get their identity stolen this Cyber Monday by being careless online.

  2. You didn’t miss a thing. Most of the legit sellers are still running their sales … and many of the really GOOD ones won’t start for another week. There are ALWAYS sales online. And you’re right, most of the stuff they are using as sales leaders is junk. The stuff you want isn’t on sale anyhow. Mostly, clothing and housewares, right now.

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