Tell how you are feeling today in the form of a weather report. (For example, partly cloudy, sunny with a chance for showers, etc.) 

Considering the forecast for the next week I’m feeling mostly cloudy with gloomy freezing temperatures heading into the low teens by next Wednesday.

What is most memorable about your high school years?

I’d have to say winning an academic scholarship to any state college in Illinois for 4 years. I didn’t get to finish four years because my education was interrupted by the Vietnam War after 2 years. Thanks Uncle Sam, I hate you for that lousy, uncalled for waste of human life.

Have you ever owned a rock, pet rock, or gem that is not jewerly?

Sure. I was heavily into lapidary while in the military. I love picture agate, tiger eye and goldstone.

Complete this sentence:  I like watching…



This Isn’t Pretty

Bob_Day1I spent a half hour yesterday getting the ice off my windshield while the defroster was on high on the inside of my car. I managed to pull off a three point turn to get the SmartCar turned around and pointed in the right direction uphill in our driveway to reach the street. The snow/ice beneath my feet my 260 pound body weight wasn’t enough to break the surface. I had to stomp with my heavy duty boots to dent the surface so I could keep from falling on my butt. All this to make it to the gas station and grocery store to prepare for the next round of Winter storms.

Now it’s raining outside and the temperature is sitting right at 32 degrees. See below a printout of the coming week. It’s not a cheerful forecast. I think our Indian Summer is over. 😦


SHANNON’S CREATIVE PHOTO CHALLENGE: LANDSCAPES IN PORTRAIT MODE Cee participated in a challenge to take landscape photographs in portrait orientation. This is more rare than you might think, especially by professional photographers. The subject matter must be tall and thin to warrant flipping your camera upright to compose the scene.

The first subject that came to mind is waterfalls. It’s simply impossible to shoot a tall waterfall in anything but portrait orientation. You can take multiple shots in landscape orientation but you must then stitch them together in graphic software and you still wind up with a shot in portrait orientation. The second subject matter that naturally lends itself to portrait orientation is the classic lighthouse photograph, tall and thin. Again, depending on an interesting surrounding you could shoot lighthouses horizontally to include foreground, background or side elements but if the main topic is just that lighthouse portrait orientation is demanded. Below you see I managed to shoot the lighthouse in portrait orientation and still include my favorite benches in the foreground.

So here is my entry into this challenge. I thank Shannon for an interesting and challenging topic.

Landscapes In Portrait


Red flowers can be difficult to photograph and retain detail. The red seems to want to blend together with its surrounding and become flat in appearance. Care must be taken during exposure and processing to increase structure to bring out detail. All of the flower photos below were taken in Oregon during my 10 year stay there. A number of different cameras and lenses were used in this collection.

A heart thank you for Cee’s challenge to present red flowers. her website and challenge can be found at:

Red Flowers

Liz Reports Portland Snow

It was good to hear from my friend, Liz, in Portland. She wrote after seeing my post on our first snow to show me that Portland had its first snow as well. She wanted to take more scenic pictures but feared the drivers on the roads locally. They have little experience driving in snow. Thanks to Liz for this beautiful photo.

SnowDwarfSpruce 12-27-15

Our First Taste Of Snow

There must be a beginning, middle & end to every season. I hope this is all we get for snow this Winter but let’s get realistic here, this is just the first of many snowstorms.

The forecast called for 1-2 inches of the white stuff covered in sleet and ice. I heard the ticking on my bedroom window all night, sometimes harder than others. I was anxious to peek out my window to get a glimpse at what Mother Nature had left us for this little storm. At least it was white and covered the ground. I don’t think we even got an inch but it’s treacherous because of the freezing rain that continues to fall right into rush hour traffic. I’m sure glad I’m retired and don’t have to drive in this or any Winter storms.

The cars are encased in a layer of ice as you can see by the photos below. I’m counting on them thawing on their own as temperatures rise over the next day or so.

First Snow

First Snow #1

The Place Bob Lives

I selected this title to be explicit. What you’re looking at below is where I spend most of my time when home. It’s a combination computer desk/entertainment center. The 50″ Plasma TV next to my computer desk gets used a bunch. I have everything being played on my computer being played through two sources, my new bluetooth Creative Labs headphones or my bose Soundlink Speaker on top of the computer desk. If you’ve never heard one of this miracle devices you owe it to yourself to find someone, somewhere has has one and listen to the big quality sound that is coming out. My headphone put out that same sound, are wireless and weigh next to nothing. I can listen to music, videos or movies in full stereo all day with no irritation or discomfort.

One of the things I like to do is take video courses on graphics software while listening with the headphones. I love using them wirelessly with my Nexus 7 tablet while listening to audiobooks on my tablet with Kindle software. It’s a cozy setup that’s not going to cost you a lot. It just works.

Entertainment #1

The Back Of The Church

Since I’m habitually early for everything I have time to photograph empty churches and buildings before the congregation arrives. Being Christmas week I felt I needed to capture the seldom seen rear of the church at Pleasant Street. It’s a beautiful building, well kept and simply decorated. Someday I want to shoot the front of the church from that balcony.

Pleast Street Balcony #1