Entering My 3rd Month In New England

Aldrich Street #1My but time flies by. I’ve completed two months in New England already and am starting month #3. It will be Christmas before you know it and I’m ready for it. I await one last gift to arrive and my preparations are complete. I need to make a trip to the CVS store in Uxbridge to pick up a bit of gift wrapping and supplies. The 4-5 gifts won’t take me long but admittedly I’m not a very good wrapper. I used to wrap everything in aluminum foil with bows on the gifts. My relatives used to get a hoot out of me wrapping the foil tightly around each item to give them a clue as to the contents. Teddy bears were amusing! 🙂

We still haven’t seen one flake of snow yet. Local forecasters state how normal that is and try not to speak the “S—” word. Remember that it was dry like this last year before all hell broke loose to set the all time record snowfall. It’s begun raining here and temperatures have certainly dropped below freezing these past few weeks but the white stuff has not invaded Uxbridge, yet.

I haven’t been getting out with my camera much lately. My heart just isn’t in it for some reason. I’m turning into a couch potato. I have no one to blame but myself.


14 thoughts on “Entering My 3rd Month In New England

  1. I expect that the novelty of a new location is wearing off a bit after three months and the weather is the sort that makes you want to stay home. You don’t have your regular volunteering at the zoo to get you out of the house. Perhaps you need to find something new to do like a club or volunteer work on a regular basis to help get your mojo back, or just relax and motivation will return on it’s own.

  2. It’s the subversive effect of television. Also, this isn’t a very photographically interesting time of year. But I have to go out and do some shooting today or tomorrow. Want to come with? I’ll show you some new spots. More pieces of river 🙂

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