Adding To My Barn Collection

Benches, Barns, Covered Bridges & Background Textures are all collections I’ve kept for the past 10 years or so. They not only link me to a time and place they make it possible to use elements of each in later compositions. As I drive or ride around my immediate area I take note of my environment and make mental notes to myself about interesting things I see that might add to my collections. When I was living on the west coast and walking the pristine beach there I’d photograph rock formation, sea life and sand patterns made by the different tides. I still have all those photographs tucked away in folders readily available for my uses.

Barns hold a particular fascination to me. The one I’m posting today is located just a mile or two down the road from my rural home. Such farms usually offer such things as fresh eggs or produce during the appropriate season to locals on the honor system. I’ve been to one such setup that offers great prices on eggs. I feel I could actually live in such a barn as pictured below. I love wood and someone was a real artist built this gem. I love the little bird perch and large entry hole to the inside. The hole is large enough for barn owls, bats or other winged critters to enter or exit. Nothing worse than some poor bird getting trapped inside and subsequently becoming disoriented and perishing.

The Barn #2



2 thoughts on “Adding To My Barn Collection

  1. Have you come across many older barns in the northwest that have advertising painted on their sides? I lived in southeast Ohio for many years where it was quite common to see ads –mostly Mail Pouch Chewing Tobacco. (Thankfully, I never took up that particular habit. 🙂 )

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