Christmas Season At Pleasant Street Church

Church Wreath #2One of the interesting changes in my life since moving to Uxbridge is my return to regular church attendance. I stayed away from the church life i found in the Pacific Northwest for any number of reasons. Now that I’ve moved into a small community where all the people are friendly and talkative I enjoy church again.

Pleasant Street Church in Whitinsville, MA is about as basic as you get. Everybody knows each other and the church is always packed. The pastor, Derek Zeyl, is young and jolly. He leads the congregation with his singing and acoustic guitar. There are usually 2-3 others joining him in worship singing up front. The church has a great collection of other musicians that complete the rest of the praise and worship team.

The church has been simply decorated for Advent, the time leading up to the celebration of Christmas and the birth of our savior, Jesus. That is what the holiday is all about, not sales at I love the holiday wreaths hung around the church entrances. The Advent candles are being lit one at a time as we approach Christmas day. It’s all very peaceful, very beautiful and a reminder of why we’re there.

Christmas Candles #2Musical Art #1Derek Singing #1

Christmas Guitar #3


4 thoughts on “Christmas Season At Pleasant Street Church

  1. WordPress changed my follow instructions again, so I re-added you. I’m so glad you like Pleasant Street. It was instrumental in helping us settle down in Uxbridge. We made some good friends through the church. The church passed through some difficult years, but seems to have emerged stronger than ever. Derek is a good one.

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