This challenge from Cee at: instantly had me digging in my archives for a photo I took a few years ago of my friend’s classic Thunderbird. Richard was a lifetime mechanic for Ford Motor Company. Richard retired a few years ago and the first thing he purchased was this classic Ford Thunderbird. He’s been working on restoring it to it’s original glory ever since. He and his wife, Micheline are the parents of my best friend, Warren. Micheline & Richard have taken many a vacation in their prized possession. They both live in Salem, OR.

Richard's Thunderbird


5 thoughts on “PROMPT STOMP WEEK 10 – VINTAGE

  1. It’s my car except my car has white and red upholstery…its my Lola! I still have a 6 volt system as it was stock…so I have to get very creative to hear my tunes…I am proudly the third owner of my 1955 T-Bird…all three have been women:)

    • Cars can be such personalized possessions. As a rule I don’t normally name my vehicles but over the past recent years I’ve named my motorcycles and most recently my SmartCar. I named him “Herbie” in honor of the Love Bug of Disney fame. He’s my very first brand new car and I dearly love him. He draws quite a crowd in my New England town.

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