“Now I’m Cooking With, Convection”

Not quite the classic quote, “Now You’re Cooking With Gas” that I heard from everyone growing up but hey, I needed a title. I suppose my new Black & Decker CT06335S Convection oven is what I bought myself as a Christmas present. I know Marilyn has offered use of the main kitchen upstairs but I treasure my independance and can take care of myself with a few appliances. This gem of an oven is far from little at around the same size as a large microwave oven. It’s designed to cook complete dinners from scratch with presets for pizza, toast, bagels & potatoes. You know, the essentials of bachelor living. It also bakes and broils so if I want a roast with taters and carrots and potatoes I can make it so. I’ve had it just over a day and so far I’ve baked a pizza, waffles and a chicken pot pie. It works just fine, thank you. When I get braver I’ll need to make a scratch meatloaf that I’ve been craving for years. I used to cook a lot including a complete Thanksgiving dinner for my family at Thanksgiving. For now I’m keeping it simple. I’ve been losing weight since my move to Uxbridge and I want to keep losing.

This new oven eats up a whole lot of space. I had do seriously rearrange my dungeon kitchen to set it up. Counter space is still available for my cutting board and mat. I’ll probably still use my simple two slice bagel toaster for the small stuff like toast, bagels and toaster waffles. My toaster doesn’t need to preheat.

Anyway I thought I’d share another advancement in my spartan lifestyle. All is well and I think I’ll like my Christmas gift to me. 🙂

Convection Oven CTO6335S


8 thoughts on ““Now I’m Cooking With, Convection”

  1. I’m glad that’s working out so well for you. The pots you gave me are totally awesome. You should have seen the Thanksgiving bacon…to perfection.

    • I’ve had to replace some of those pots and pans withLodge cast iron because of the induction cooktop. No complaints as my SmartCar would only hold so much stuff. Glad the set I gave you are getting put to good use.

  2. I do not use the oven on my cooking stove much and have been eyeing one of these that is going on sale over at home depot. I may have to just go on over there and grab mean of these when the sale hits.

  3. Have had a toast or/convection for several years. Wonderful, saving lots of energy with time and no heating up a large oven. We do not use the large oven at all anymore. Bacon is great. I use paper towels on each side on a plate and works fine.

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