One Deal At A Time

I headed out this morning on a mission. I wanted to go exploring and try out another Uxbridge restaurant at the same time. I’ve already had breakfast 3 times at Mom’s Restaurant at the far end of Uxbridge. Today I stopped at a diner as you enter Uxbridge closest to where I live. It’s across the street from my new Barber and from Rita’s curio shop. I’d already been given a thumbs up from Owen, Marilyn’s son on his tour of the area.

The diner has a specials board marked up with favorite selections at a good price. I tried “The Scrambler”, a breakfast containing scrambled eggs, choice of meat, and homefries all mixed together and including choice of toast and hot coffee. I really enjoy this dish although I must admit I’m uncomfortably full after eating the whole thing. I’ve been losing weight over the past 6 months so my stomach has shrunken. That was too much food.

Next up was a quick left turn into Koopman Lumber/Hardware, the place to buy clothing made by Carhartt. So far I have a new hooded Winter jacket, a hooded sweatshirt, a stocking hat, new gloves and now a wonderful flannel long sleeved Winter shirt. Koopman just started carrying the Carhartt line so they still have their introductory sale going. That $40 shirt cost me just $34. I wear a 2XL and made sure to try it on before removing all the traditional tags placed everywhere. It fits me just perfect, allowing enough room for shrinkage upon the first wash/dry. It’s all about layering in cold weather and I also wanted enough room to allow for maneuvering in my other layers. Success! I may return for another plaid shirt like this one if my $70 Visa gift card shows up before Christmas. I got this gift card for buying 4 Continental All Season tires when I first moved here.

Carhartt Flannel Shirt #1


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