While doing a post yesterday that included photos taken at Camp 18 I noticed all the animal photographs shot there over the years. The collage below is not an exhaustive collection as it doesn’t include the picture of 33 elk I surprised there years ago. Being that the logging camp turned restaurant is carved into the local woods there are plenty of critters around. The restaurant owners put out tons of bird feeders all around the property that attract quite a diverse collection of birds. It’s fun just sitting at your table and looking at dozens of colorful finches, grosbeak and stellar jays. I even came across my first chipmunk there on a walk down a backyard trail close to the restaurant. The 4-5 house cats provide visitors with friendly greetings as they hang around the building.

Camp 18 Critters


2 thoughts on “Collections

  1. Of course, these images are absolutely all stunning, Bob. Well, it’s been a big year for you ending or should I say beginning with a move. It appears you’ve settled in nicely this due to your positivity and humor!
    If I don’t get another chance ’til after the holidays, I want to wish you a joyous and peaceful Christmas, my friend.
    I’ve been getting my mother-in-law and studio settled and now my folks have just sold their home and will be moving close come mid-January – I’ll be moving furniture well past the New Year;)

    • The holidays always seem like the busiest time of the year. Still, that move will bring your family closer together so it’s a labor of love. Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to you and yours.

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