Nobody’s Fault But Mine

I love music. I was a fine arts major in college and part of the curriculum was music appreciation. I used to sit in the library at Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville and listen to records from their huge record collection. They had study tables with a Bogen turntable in the center and good headphones. I carried my own Koss Pro liquid filled over the ear set from home. Since this was back in the 60s it was the era of flower power, hippies and Arlo Guthrie. The music scene exploded to include anything. I was particularly fond of acoustic folk music.

One of my favorite artists today is Abigail Washburn. Her albums are beautifully simple, no big noisy band, no amplified anything. She plays her banjo, sometimes with another banjo player, and sings. That’s it! K.I.S.S.. Below is a picture of her and a YouTube video of her song: “Nobody’s Fault But Mine”. I’ve been listening to her singing for over an hour with a good set of headphones and the sound is pure, peaceful and beautiful. I hope you like this sample of her work.

Abigail Washburn










3 thoughts on “Nobody’s Fault But Mine

  1. Oh how lovely and so peaceful.
    This takes me back to my childhood when I used to spend Summers with my Grandparents in HoookBack Hollar. I would fall asleep at night beside my Grandmothers chair on the front porch while they played and sang with the neighbors.
    Such lovely summer evening felt like they would go on forever.
    My daughter is helping me look for a few blogs to get to know folks here and we came across your lovely and inviting blog.
    I hope that you do not mind if I follow your blog.
    Thank you kindly

    • Welcome aboard. I’ve been at this now for 3 years and find myself closing in on 5,000 worldwide followers. My blog has changed a lot over the past 4 months because I moved from Portland, OR to Uxbridge, MA. For a better view of what I used to do see my best photos at: 🙂

      • I thank you so much and will have my daughter help me you on Tumblr.
        Merry Christmas and may the Good Lord bless you.

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