6 Week Old Caracal Kittens

I thought you might like an update video on Oregon Zoo’s new Caracal kittens.


8 thoughts on “6 Week Old Caracal Kittens

  1. This is so wonderful, Bob. My brother-in-law is crazy about cats, so my Xmas morning additional gift to him will be to share this video. Thanks for sharing it. Merry Christmas. Enjoy your chocolate pie!!!

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      • We have four daughters and they had cats. There was something wrong with that picture though dad ended up dumping the cat boxes. The was a odd assortment a cats through the years, the most unusual was one we adopted on a trip to Michigan he weighed 34 pounds at one time. They nicknamed him ‘Wide Load’ the name on his papers was toe tag, he had belonged to an undertaker. Anyhow that cat lived with us about 10 years, I took away most of his treats he got down to about 25 pounds. Cats have a way of moving in and taking over people and their homes that is for sure.

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