My First Christmas In Uxbridge

Last night I celebrated with my new family in Uxbridge, MA. The Armstrongs and their kin have their own family traditions and I was invited to join in the festivities. There was a delicious dinner prepared from scratch which all enjoyed. There were at least 4 different pies for those who dared add to the calorie count. During the day I could hear Jimmy Stewart saying his classic lines in “It’s a Wonderful Life”. We all gathered to open gifts together, proudly sharing our delight with each surprise.

Our home was carefully decorated with a small tree surrounded with piles of presents. The fireplace had its nutcracker and other family heirlooms proudly displayed. The three house pets, Amber, Bonnie & Bishop shared in the celebration knowing there would be leftovers and treats for them sooner or later. We were careful not to tempt them by leaving appetizer trays out too low to ground level.

All in all there was much joy in this home that welcomed me as its newest member. I have become part of their history, part of the family gathering on Christmas Eve. Now it’s Christmas morning. All the trash from the gifts has been removed. The food that was left has been divided up and stored safely away. I left with a bag of ham and a whole chocolate creme pie to place in my apartment’s refrigerator. I have plans for the ham to become breakfast as well as lunch on this Christmas Day. The thought of food right now is too closely spaced to our dinner last night. I’m not in the least bit hungry right now. Give it time Bob, give it time!

Thanks to all for making this a warm, memorable Christmas. I made calls to friend back in Portland and emailed my senior friends celebrating in their own way. There must be a first in everything new so this was my first Christmas in Uxbridge, Massachusetts. It was 70 degrees and mostly dry. :_


Christmas Tree 2015



6 thoughts on “My First Christmas In Uxbridge

  1. What a wonderful Christmas!
    We had a great time with Rebecca. We used our 3 free nights at the McMenamin’s new Anderson School Hotel in Bothel, WA. We saw the new Star Wars movie there Christmas eve. We gave each other little presents because our present was going to the Teatro Zinzani. It is an incredible dinner theater, 4 hours of nonstop entertainment. There are entertainers from all over the world. They have a very good bad. The theme for this show was Hollywood. Lots of clean very funny comedy, acrobats, aerialists, a soul singer, 1 opera selection. There is a 5 course meal that is totally intertwined into the program. I was amazed that they were dancing with our steaks and got them to the correct people! Christmas Day we saw the movie Fiddler On The Roof that was a sing-a-long and a Klezner band playing an hour before the movie. The Chinese kosher lunch was very good! Take good care, and I’m so happy you had a wonderful Christmas

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