Pleasant Street Guest Speaker

The Christmas Holiday is behind us so it came as no surprise attendance was down this Sunday at Pleasant Street Church. After all, there were a lot of members absent because of traveling. Still, those in attendance were blessed by a particularly good sermon presented by a visiting pastor. Pastor Derek & his family will be out of town for a week or two.

The sermon dealt with the responsibility we have as Christians to share the good word with our fellow man, wherever they may be, whoever they may be. It’s easy to imagine the persecution of Christians in the time after Christ left us but look around you. There are Christians losing their lives today just for proclaiming their faith. Isis’s biggest concern is not planes bombing or boots on the ground but ideologies such as Christianity and the true Muslim faith showing them for the liars and criminals they truly are. They don’t represent anything but hate. How many of us would have the faith to stand up to them when they seek to kill all Christians?

It was a powerful sermon that had everyone in attendance examining themselves, questioning where we stand as a Christian. Are we a Christian only on Sundays but during the week remain silent when we should be proclaiming what our faith demands?

Christmas Speaker

Pleasant Street Church Welcome


One thought on “Pleasant Street Guest Speaker

  1. Many Christians do not stand up for their faith and I am also guilty. I guess we should live like Christians all the time but we are human not perfect and hopefully the door to talk about our faith will start with others.

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