The Place Bob Lives

I selected this title to be explicit. What you’re looking at below is where I spend most of my time when home. It’s a combination computer desk/entertainment center. The 50″ Plasma TV next to my computer desk gets used a bunch. I have everything being played on my computer being played through two sources, my new bluetooth Creative Labs headphones or my bose Soundlink Speaker on top of the computer desk. If you’ve never heard one of this miracle devices you owe it to yourself to find someone, somewhere has has one and listen to the big quality sound that is coming out. My headphone put out that same sound, are wireless and weigh next to nothing. I can listen to music, videos or movies in full stereo all day with no irritation or discomfort.

One of the things I like to do is take video courses on graphics software while listening with the headphones. I love using them wirelessly with my Nexus 7 tablet while listening to audiobooks on my tablet with Kindle software. It’s a cozy setup that’s not going to cost you a lot. It just works.

Entertainment #1


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