Our First Taste Of Snow

There must be a beginning, middle & end to every season. I hope this is all we get for snow this Winter but let’s get realistic here, this is just the first of many snowstorms.

The forecast called for 1-2 inches of the white stuff covered in sleet and ice. I heard the ticking on my bedroom window all night, sometimes harder than others. I was anxious to peek out my window to get a glimpse at what Mother Nature had left us for this little storm. At least it was white and covered the ground. I don’t think we even got an inch but it’s treacherous because of the freezing rain that continues to fall right into rush hour traffic. I’m sure glad I’m retired and don’t have to drive in this or any Winter storms.

The cars are encased in a layer of ice as you can see by the photos below. I’m counting on them thawing on their own as temperatures rise over the next day or so.

First Snow

First Snow #1

6 thoughts on “Our First Taste Of Snow

    • Actually Portland has had more snow than Boston so far this year. El Nino has screwed up the weather for the whole country. Thank goodness drought areas are replenishing their water tables.

  1. We haven’t had any snow, but we got so much rain the last several days that we started to look up the instructions in the Bible for building the ark. (Well, that’s a little bit of exaggeration, but you get the idea.)

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