SHANNON’S CREATIVE PHOTO CHALLENGE: LANDSCAPES IN PORTRAIT MODE Cee participated in a challenge to take landscape photographs in portrait orientation. This is more rare than you might think, especially by professional photographers. The subject matter must be tall and thin to warrant flipping your camera upright to compose the scene.

The first subject that came to mind is waterfalls. It’s simply impossible to shoot a tall waterfall in anything but portrait orientation. You can take multiple shots in landscape orientation but you must then stitch them together in graphic software and you still wind up with a shot in portrait orientation. The second subject matter that naturally lends itself to portrait orientation is the classic lighthouse photograph, tall and thin. Again, depending on an interesting surrounding you could shoot lighthouses horizontally to include foreground, background or side elements but if the main topic is just that lighthouse portrait orientation is demanded. Below you see I managed to shoot the lighthouse in portrait orientation and still include my favorite benches in the foreground.

So here is my entry into this challenge. I thank Shannon for an interesting and challenging topic.

Landscapes In Portrait


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