This Isn’t Pretty

Bob_Day1I spent a half hour yesterday getting the ice off my windshield while the defroster was on high on the inside of my car. I managed to pull off a three point turn to get the SmartCar turned around and pointed in the right direction uphill in our driveway to reach the street. The snow/ice beneath my feet my 260 pound body weight wasn’t enough to break the surface. I had to stomp with my heavy duty boots to dent the surface so I could keep from falling on my butt. All this to make it to the gas station and grocery store to prepare for the next round of Winter storms.

Now it’s raining outside and the temperature is sitting right at 32 degrees. See below a printout of the coming week. It’s not a cheerful forecast. I think our Indian Summer is over. 😦



5 thoughts on “This Isn’t Pretty

  1. Well believe it or not. We are 37 now with the wind sipping around and it feels like 24 says the weather report. Feels like I am back in Chicago. Enjoy your Brrrrr. We are staying inside

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