Zawadi Rework

In these Winter days I find I have lots of idle time on my hands, especially in retirement. I’m glad that through the years I saved the RAW files for most of the animal photographs that I took while living in Portland, OR. It gives me the opportunity to return to them with a blank slate. I start from scratch as if I’ve never seen the image. I return all settings to their original default values just as the were captured the day I took the picture. The difference being that since my original processing I’ve acquired a bunch of really cool plug-in filters along with upgraded versions of Adobe Photoshop CC. I’ve worked with these upgrades and tools to a point where my workflow has changed since I original too my revisited photos. The results are more dramatic in so many ways. The secret to a successful rework is to not overdo it. The image shouldn’t wind up looking processed at all. I believe I’ve succeeded in every way with the image below. I actually processed this original image as a black and white rendering so the color version is a fresh approach.

Fuji X-E1 55-200mm F/3.5-4.8 ISO 800, F/5.6, 1/50″ taken Nov 03, 2013.

Zawadi Closeup #1



4 thoughts on “Zawadi Rework

    • It was a special opportunity because he was coming out of the entrance to his cave and stopped to pose. I had my 55-200mm zoom on the camera and I was so close I more than filled the frame. Also, at ISO 800 the shot was very noise free and sharp. I took 4-5 at that shooting.

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