First Senior Center Lunch

Uxbridge Senior CenterI really enjoyed my first lunch at the Uxbridge Senior Center today. I sat on the side as the seniors filed into the dining hall and found their regular tables and friends. I was the new kid in town and didn’t want to pick a spot that already had friends enjoying each other so I waited. It became obvious that the table in front of me wasn’t a target for a group so I chose to join another soul and met Pete for the first time. Pete is about 72-75 with a very interesting background. In his youth he used to build computers. We had a great deal in common as I too got into personal computers on the ground floor in 1978. It became quickly apparent that we were on a compatible experience level so the conversation was enriching as well as enjoyable.

We were served our lunches by the staff of volunteers who were very gracious. I was introduced to the group of about 40-50 people by the director, Marsha Petrillo, who told everyone of my background as a professional photographer. The menus and food for the week is published in their monthly center bulletin and visitors need to sign up 48 hours in advance to give the cook enough time to shop and prepare enough food for those attending. I was granted an exception to that rule being a newcomer. The meal for today included a ham casserole with steamed carrots and broccoli and a slice of apple cake. Diners are asked for a $3 donation or whatever they can afford to pay. I have signed up every day for the remainder of the week. The food was hot, delicious and nutritious.

Altogether is was a great experience. I foresee many new acquaintances and future friendships to be had by participating in this organization as well as opportunities to volunteer.


8 thoughts on “First Senior Center Lunch

  1. AND you didn’t have to cook it or clean up. Always a good thing 🙂 We’re in Phoenix. It’s a lot warmer than I expected … wish I’d brought more warm weather clothing! See you in a couple of weeks!!

    • I’ve signed up for the lunches the next 3 days. I hope to make new friends there. There was a lady there with such poor hearing I might have to avoid that table. She talks a lot but can’t hear your responses so you must repeat yourself constantly. 😦

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