Uxbridge Sheriff & Deputy Speak To Seniors

It was Friday, the busiest day at the Uxbridge Senior Center. On the menu, as always was some form or fashion of fish, a big favorite for the seniors. Extra tables had to be set up for the crowd in attendance. Three high school girls volunteered their time to help serve those who attended. It was a rockin’ bunch of people.

Before the lunch was served our Uxbridge Sheriff, Jeffrey A. Lourie, introduced himself as well as Officer Morrissette, who is responsible for gun permits and registration as well as any grants for the department. After speaking to us the chief handed over the mike to the center director, Marsha Petrillo, who led those in attendance in a moment of silence before starting lunch. Our chef, Lynne McPherson, had prepared a delicious lunch consisting of baked fish, yamsm and a broccoli & cauliflower vegetable dish. There was also Moose Tracks ice cream with a whipped topping for dessert.

After the meal Officer Morrissette talked to us about gun registration, the grant process and the new town canine unit that included “Bear”, the newest member our our town’s police force. He mentioned in a few weeks Bear would be visiting our senior center along with his handler. We look forward to his visit.

Friday Hero



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