Perspective is a powerful compositional tool in art as well as photography. The “Rule of Thirds” is just a beginning guideline to composition. The leading lines in a perspective picture guides the viewer through the photograph, stopping along the way to delight the eyes with points of interest.

I’m a big fan of incorporating visual diagonal lines in my compositions. Using wide angle lenses makes this task easier to accomplish because you can be closer to your subject and therefore incorporate more of it in the photograph. Tall buildings, lighthouses and long bridges represent subject matter that can be photographed from angles above, below or to the side of an interesting subject to create vanishing points along horizon lines.

In my submission photos I kept moving around looking for angles that provided the biggest impact visually. Some of my favorite shots are pictured below. They come from a wide assortment of locations from the ocean shore of Cannon Beach with Haystack Rock to the Space Needle in Seattle, WA. Cafe counters are another example of compositional perspective. I love the way stools line up to seemingly appear smaller and smaller as they fade to a vanishing point in the photo. Lighthouses will always be good perspective shots especially when you include a foreground element that gives the viewer an example for scale.

If you learn the power of perspective in your compositions you’ll alway produce interesting photographs. I thank Cee, an excellent photographer, for posting this challenge.

Cannon Beach Sunset 4

Chihuly Garden Pathway

Seattle Space Needle #1

Skycity Restaurant #1

Still Creek Inn

Yaquina Head Lighthouse 6



  1. Hi Bob, you have some marvelous photos for perspective. I like the Sky City ( believe that is what it is called) with the large circular objects and people. These are all marvelous examples. I always love Yaquina Head lighthouse too.

    • I was inspired to shoot the Yaquina Head Lighthouse because of a blog post by Laurie Excell, known as the “Equipment Lady” online. She’s a local pro based in Tigard, who traveled to Yaquina Head on vacation and photographed the lighthouse. Seeing her photo I was challenged to do better. I think I succeeded.

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