Ready To Win The Lottery

Eye In The TreeAs I write this I’m reminded payday is tomorrow. What that means is that I’m on my last few dollars in my wallet hanging on until my Social Security check gets deposited in my checking account tomorrow. I haven’t dug a hole this time around as I still have half a tank of gas in my car and gas is $1.71 a gallon locally. I have plenty of food in my freezer and need only supplement with the basics like eggs, milk & bread. I won’t starve to death for some time to come.

That being said I’ve been watching the press jump all over the Powerball reward at over $1.4 billion dollars. The cash payout is now about $800,000,000. What is the government do to take $600,000,000? In my book nothing! Let’s import some more Mexicans, Syrians or  Canadians wanting to win our lottery.

People always ask what you would do if you won that kind of money? I’d leave town, state, country and planet if I could find a better one. I’d buy remote land on some mountaintop, build a helipad for my copter, or use my private plane in my new hanger and enjoy life in my newly built small house with one bedroom, one cool balcony deck and a cool deck on the bottom floor. I’d build a larger house for my staff, complete with a huge garage for the staff’s fleet of new vehicles I’d buy them.

$800,000,000 is a ridiculous amount of money. I wouldn’t entertain the idea of giving any of it to the hordes of beggars who would want to knock at my front door. I’d prefer to spontaneously give cash to those I come across that are genuinely needy. No taxes, no paperwork. I’ve already paid taxes on the money and I don’t want the needy to give another dime to that unworthy government.

I may need to start saving up for that $2 lottery ticket to fame, fortune and furious media attention. I’ll give $10,000 cash to the first dead media type found on my doorstep. Let the fun begin!


4 thoughts on “Ready To Win The Lottery

  1. Yup, I’d give a huge chunk of it to the Bill Gates Foundation because they seem to fund great things around the world, including here. It’s so mind boggling who knows.

    • Mr Gates has enough money to fund that himself. How about a commercial building converted to nice apartments for the homeless. It would have armed security guards on every floor to protect the residents from themselves.

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