A Peek Out My Door

Casual FridayIt’s 2:00 a.m. on a Wednesday morning and I had to peek outside to see what was happening with one of our first snowfalls of 2016. It’s not a monumental amount on the ground, just a dusting, but there has to be a first for everything and I wanted to capture it. So there I was in my flannel night robe and shoes walking out in the driveway outside the back door. I wanted to trigger the outside driveway light on the shed so I could see. My camera in hand I ignored the draft shooting up my bare legs as I pointed my camera first at the shed and later up that driveway next to the house. The snow was coming down pretty good but didn’t make any sound at all. It was eerily wondrous and beautiful. My shutter speed was slow enough to capture the movement of the large fluffy flakes that were falling. I did it, I preserved the sight of the first snow falling in Uxbridge for 2016.

A Peek Out My Back Door #1

A Peek Out My Back Door #2


7 thoughts on “A Peek Out My Door

    • We have our share of snow in Portland, just not the extreme variety and amounts. It has already been 3 degrees F here last week. We’re just now getting into the Winter season. It will get much worse.

  1. I can’t say I exactly LIKE it. I was really hoping we’d get home and there wouldn’t be any snow. It was in the mid sixties here today … warmer in the sun. We went to the mountains. It looks so cold there. So very cold.

    • It’s 14 this morning and certainly cold enough. The coldest we’ve gotten here was 3 shortly after you left. I actually felt the baseboard heater in my bedroom putting out wonderful heat that morning.

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