A Chance For…… Anything

The next five days in Massachusetts is a coin toss for cold, rainy, foggy, snowy weather. Mother Nature is dragging us all slowly unto the grip of an ever worsening future. We only had a snow dusting this past week but what I’ve noted is that it doesn’t melt. It’s cold out there and getting into single digits during the next few days. Marilyn & Garry are due back this weekend where it is in the 60s during daylight. Their son, Owen, will pick them up in their Jeep Patriot so it will be toasty warm in that vehicle for the ride home. We’re getting close to setting records on the latest measurable snowfall in the area. I don’t know how long we can hang on. 😦


4 thoughts on “A Chance For…… Anything

  1. Wunderground is saying RAIN tomorrow, not snow. And that should be over before nightfall so hopefully it’ll be dry when we get there. We’ll deal with winter as we must. Obsessing over it will not help. It is what it is.

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