Dreaming Of A Summer Trip

MinionBobAs I type this post it’s 10 degrees outside with a windchill well below zero. I’m all bundled up with a fleece lined hoodie and sweatpants. My rabbit fur slippers are on my feet that have comfortable cotton crew socks on them. I just pulled the fleece lined hood over my ears. My fingers are cold typing this post. It’s Winter in New England.

So what am I think of, the warmth of Summer in South Carolina of course. I’m planning a trip to visit my sister, Barb, and my South Carolina friends, Mae & Marion Malcolm, who live in North Augusta. My sister lives in Aiken, SC just 5-7 miles from North Augusta.

I’m always on a super tight budget these days so I’ve given much thought to the best way to pull off this 1900 mile round trip. Initially I was tempted to drive my high gas mileage SmartCar so that I could have transportation when I get there. That’s still an option but I soon realized I’d need extra money for at least one night’s sleepover at a motel both ways on this trip. That must also include at least one good meal. The motel & meal add up to more than the cost of gas for each leg. Regular gas is $1.71 a gallon now and I need 25 gallons each way so let’s say $42. Add $50 a night for a cheap motel and $20 for a decent meal and each way I’m looking at around $115. I think I can do better.

With a roundtrip bus ticket I can travel faster, more comfortable and cheaper, about $90 for the whole trip. I can brownbag enough food for each direction and don’t need a lot of “What if I break down?” money. I’m still working on what I do for wheels once I get there. The same kind of traveling is possible by train with a dining car thrown in for at least one good meal. Transportation is again an issue one I destinate.

I’m sure I’ll figure it all out before I need to get serious and start booking travel. Planning is half the fun. 🙂


11 thoughts on “Dreaming Of A Summer Trip

  1. Hey, Bob! Going south sounds like an excellent plan to me — I’m cold, too! LOL I took the bus to southern Indiana once and it was a very interesting experience — I got all kinds of good stories from it! Stay warm, 🙂

    • The biggest difference in previous trips is this time I’m not in a hurry. The car driving version is gaining strength because I don’t need a ride to a train/bus station, I need a vehicle once I get there and rental cars are expensive and I only need to pay for 50 gallons of gas and I set the driving schedule and stops.

      • Well, I know when I took Grayhound — and it’s the same for Amtrak — I couldn’t be in a hurry, because the trip took awhile (we stopped at every little nook and cranny along the way). Whichever you choose, enjoy your trip, Bob!

      • At this point it’s just a general plan with no time frame attached. I know, from experience, that the best time to be in South Carolina is April or May if you want to avoid the heat and humidity. My little car has great air conditioning which is a distinct requirement there.

      • IF there’s a train going your way — big IF these days what with the tracks in such poor condition, but it’s worth taking a look at AmTrak anyway. That would be more fun than the bus. Besides, I’ve always wanted to to a real train trip, so I could do it vicariously through you.

        I did warn you that winter around here was really … WINTER, right? We barely have any snow yet so we’re doing great!!! It’s just cold. You could turn your heat up a bit (I keep telling you that … you know … you have a thermostat of your own). Just saying.

  2. Cold here in Ohio this week too. I haven’t gone out yet because it was only 9 degrees last I checked. Hopefully warmer this afternoon, so I can head out to the park with my camera. Your road trip sounds great. Anticipation is always fun.

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