Status Report

Minion Eskimo BobIt’s 19 degrees this morning in Uxbridge, MA as the sun comes up. At least I’m assuming it’s rising because there’s a serious overcast outside right now. We have yet to see a single snowflake from the winter storm clawing its way up the eastern coastline. We have snow in our forecast for this afternoon but the snowfall won’t amount to much more than a dusting of 1″-3″ and maybe another inch tonight. We dodged a bullet with this storm as millions of others in states along its path are stranded. Nine deaths have already been directly linked to the storm.

I’m new to New England, having just moved here October 3rd, 2014. I was a big follower and supporter of my host & hostess for the past few years, reading their tales of record snowfall in Uxbridge just last year. They warned me of some of the trials and tribulations associated with moving here. I had to winterize my SmartCar with new snow tires while I outfitted myself with new winter clothing. My wardrobe is complete and “Herbie” has proved worthy in the 1″-3″ of snow we’ve had so far this year. It has yet to prove itself in deeper snow. My hope is for a mild winter without major snowfall.

Herbie SunbathingI’ve noted in all the news footage of sliding cars with spinning wheels that they all have front wheel drive. I’m not drawing any conclusions but it does show an interesting trend. I have a good set of chains for my car but have discovered they are basically illegal in Massachusetts. Chains were actually mandatory in Oregon. Go figure. Either way I’m ready as I have brand new Continental snow tires on Herbie who has become famous since moving to town. I’m routinely asked how Herbie is doing by local store clerks. It’s a fun topic of conversation, even among seniors at the Uxbridge Senior Center. Just yesterday I was showing 3 senior ladies the YouTube video showing a test crash of a SmartCar at 70 mph. It was robot controlled as human passengers would surely perish because of the forces exerted. The car didn’t even break its windshield and both doors could be opened. It’s the safest car on the road.

So I’m still waiting for the snow to begin falling today and I’ll watch it to note the accumulation. I may stick my head outside the driveway exit/entrance to snap a few pictures of it’s worthy of a photograph. Know that I’m hunkered down, warm and well stocked for the playoff game between the New England Patriots and the Denver Broncos. Go Pats!


5 thoughts on “Status Report

  1. So far, so good. It’s afternoon … and no snow. NO SNOW! Oh,wait … it just started. Drat. But they are still saying just a few inches. Keep hope alive! Don’t eat the dogs! Avast and ahoy, we’ll make it , we’ll survive. We’ll live to see spring! Don’t give up the ship!

    I need more coffee.

    • LOL It would have been cool if we had played them here in New England with a fresh foot of snow on the field. We got over 6″ out of the storm and it’s still falling. Sunday should prove interesting.

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