Oops! New Totals For Uxbridge

minion_shoveling_snow_-_Google_SearchSo much for the 1″-3″ predictions for yesterday’s storm. It’s 2:30 a.m. Sunday morning and upon opening the driveway door I witnessed at least 4″ of fresh snow everywhere. The final gasp of the blizzard of 2016 reached a little more north than thought, dumping twice the snow that the forecasters predicted. We’re still lucky to have escaped the 20″+ other places like Washington DC, New York and Philadelphia. What about WV and its 48″? New Jersey has storm surges brought on by a full moon and high tide. The flooding will cause more damage than any snow. I’ll take my 4″-5″ of snow and be grateful we only got grazed by the storm. Sunday means getting bundled up, cleaning off the cars, and then preparing to move them out of the way for the plow that will surely come to scrape our driveway. I noticed a huge plow truck clearing Aldrich Street in front of our house as I peeked out that back door.

Now it’s on to football and the Patriots vs. the Broncos. Go Pats!

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