Senior Center Packed When A Dog Comes

uxbridge_police_dog_bear_-_Google_SearchReservations for lunches at the Uxbridge Senior Center require that you sign up 48 hours in advance. That isn’t close to being accurate if there’s a dog in the house. Uxbridge’s new canine patrol dog, Bear, will be shown to the center’s visitors the first Friday in February. Keep in mind Friday’s are fish day for the weekly lunch menu, always the most popular day of the week. Throw in a visiting dog and you’ve got to book a seat weeks in advance. January is still with us and dog day is sold out. šŸ˜¦

Senior Dining Hall #1



4 thoughts on “Senior Center Packed When A Dog Comes

    • They were so cute this morning when the fuel guy from Helen’s driver just as I was about to leave. I had to return inside to close off their doggy door so he could do his thing. All three dogs were waiting for me at the core landing. The guy from Helen’s was standing behind me as I blocked the doggie door. The just looked cute lined up in a row as they always do.

  1. This is great! I hope they have many more “dog” days.
    The funky Siff theater near Rebecca…which she loves had a dog day a couple months ago. She has a friend with 2 dogs so she was able to go to the theater with a dog. They all had a great time. They also had a cat day but cats weren’t Invited. They gave out cat treats.
    I hope the snow has melted so you can get out more.

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