Snow Measurement

There’s always a difference of opinion after a snowfall. Everyone looks out at their backyard or porch and formulates their guess. Some will argue to their grave they they are right and you are wrong. They are the “right fighter” mentioned by Dr Phil all the time. I go outside and step in it. If it covers the top of my boots it’s at least 8″ deep.

Wind plays a part in determining where you measure for accuracy. Below I show the first picture I took of the snowfall from Saturday’s “Blizzard of 2016″ as it relates to Uxbridge, MA. Keep in mind the door shows snow blown into drifts closest to the house. Then there are the vehicle depths. I also show the Jeep Patriot out in our driveway and the snow accumulation on it. In general I’m guessing we got between 4″-6” of the white stuff depending on where you look or where you step. Arguing is not necessary!!!!

Backdoor Snow #1

Jeep Patriot Covered In Snow


2 thoughts on “Snow Measurement

  1. Don’t forget that snowfall amounts are local. We may get 6″, but a mile down the road, they may have gotten a foot … or nothing. I doubt we got more than 4 inches, not counting drifting. And it was that nice, fluffy kind that’s almost weightless and easy to brush off. We’ve been very lucky so far. VERY VERY lucky.

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