1 Glass Three Teens

How do you fill up one glass with milk using 3 teens? Very carefully! LOL The Friday fish dinner at the Uxbridge Senior Center is always packed. Yesterday was no exception. We were lucky to have 3 teen boys from Our Lady of the Valley school yesterday to help distribute food, bus tables and make all the needs of the senior were met. They were so energetic that I caught them helping each other fill a single glass of milk for one of the seniors. I was blessed to have the boys join me at my table during the lunch. They were quite wide eyed and curious. They were so dedicated they actually brought their own lunch so that we didn’t short some senior of the fish dinner. Each week one of the local schools provides volunteers for Friday at the center. We wholeheartedly appreciate the help and the cheerful kids that pitch in to do a great job.

Three Teens

Lady #3

Senior Center Fish Lunch #2


8 thoughts on “1 Glass Three Teens

  1. Isn’t that great seeing the help in young people. The lady looks great in her pink outfit. Wonder how Elsie Sturr in Beaverton is. Have you been there?

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