Forecasters Miss Again

So far, from my observation, the weather forecasters in this area are not terribly accurate. We’ve had 3-4 snow events this season and they’ve overestimated the total snowfall each and every time. The storm we’re having right now was predicted to produce 5″-8″ of heavy, wet snow. We’re not getting any more than 2″-3″ of the white stuff from my point of view. I even changed weather reporters to a valley forecast that’s supposed to be more accurate for Uxbridge than the Boston big boys. Nope, ain’t going to happen!

Winter Wonderland #1

Addendum: I may have been premature on judging the final depth of snow from the storm we’re experiencing. You see it’s 1:15 p.m. now and it’s still snowing. I would judge that we now have at least 6″ of snow covering every blade of grass and twig. It’s a really wet snow that’s sticking like velcro. We’re hoping, at this point, that it doesn’t start taking out power lines. I was out digging out my car’s parking spot and heard multiple tree limbs snapping. Not good!

Below is a 2nd picture of that sunbird I photographed above earlier this morning. The snow depth is noticeably deeper and therefore more menacing. I stand corrected and apologize to the forecasters. Will you turn off the snow now please? LOL

Winter Wonderland #2


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