Oooh, There’s A Difference

Just two days ago we were sitting in the house with rain falling and temperatures in the mid-50s. Today we have 8″-11″ of snow and frozen layers as we sit here in Uxbridge at 7 degrees. Now that the zone where I live has plenty of furnace power I’m toasty warm after just eating a full breakfas so I would have never guessed that it was that cold outside.

Yes, I know I’m in New England now and yes this will be going on for at least 6-8 more weeks before we catch a break. The forecast sees two days of additional snowfall coming at us, Monday & Tuesday. That gives us just Superbowl Sunday tomorrow to warm up to the low 40s and melt whatever is possible in one day. Each night what’s left freezes once again to begin anew the following morning. I guess I’ll get outside and clear the area next to my tiny car that’s walled in from the snow plow that scraped our driveway yesterday evening.

Rear Deck & Steps Under Snow


One thought on “Oooh, There’s A Difference

  1. It’s amazing out there. Looks like the ice castle of a mythical elven prince … or something. With the sun now poking through, it’s incredible. We get snow, but having it stick to everything like this is relatively rare. The weather says the wind is 0.0 and not a twig is moving. I can hear birds … there’s a Caroline wren out back … but can’t see them in the ice crusted branches.

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