Best Bonnie Portrait Yet

I keep working on getting Bonnie to feel comfortable with me. Lately she loves to sit on the couch armrest right next to me. My camera & lens are capable of focusing really close to my subject so I carried it with me upstairs as I visit with Marilyn & Garry. An unbelieveable opportunity presented itself when she sat next to me looking outside through the window behind us. I saw the shot, grabbed my camera and had time to carefully focus and compose the shot. It is by far the best portrait so far.

Bonnie #10


10 thoughts on “Best Bonnie Portrait Yet

    • Marilyn was sitting within arm’s reach as I took this. She found it hard to believe that I was able to get a focus lock that close. I think her face was around 6″from the lens, open to its widest angle to get everything in the frame.

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