Bonnie’s New Look

As one snowstorm after another rolls into New England I’m learning to cope with a lot of hunkering down with a good book and staying warm. It’s super Bowl Sunday so my plans have already been made for the day. It’s the day before the next two storms coming Monday & Tuesday. It’s a day of 42 degree temperatures to help melt the 8″-10″ of heavy wet snow that hit us during our last storm just days ago. Forecasters are calling for a third storm heading toward New England from Canada next weekend that will plunge us well below zero. Time for chips and dip and putting another log in the fireplace.

We pick our spots here to get out and do chores. Such was the case last week as my hosts ventured out with Bonnie, their black Skottie, to get a haircut and pedicure. She looks beautiful again with her red scarf around her neck. I’ve gotten used to grabbing pictures of her as I sit on the couch upstairs while visiting with Marilyn and Garry.

Bonnie #8


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