Chilly Start To Friday

It’s bright & sunny outside at 7:30 in the morning here in Uxbridge, MA. That’s the most positive beginning to a cold Winter’s day. It’s also -2 degrees F outside for the beginning of a very cold upcoming weekend. After all, it’s New England and we’re in the heart of Winter so these forecasts are expected. This time last year the area was buried in record snowfall and storms continued rolling in as if they were waves. A lot of people cried uncle as they were trapped in their homes waiting for their driveways to melt. For some it never happened.

Herbie Covered In Snow #1I’m parked at the very top of our driveway, clean & dry. So far when I decide to venture out I’ve had no difficulty escaping our Winter wonderland. My little car flashes its slippery surface warning and then engages posi-traction drive to move steadily forward. My car’s battery, 6 years old, has started with no issues thus far. I’m prepared financially to replace that battery should it become necessary. With the exception of President’s Day on Monday I’ve ventured out to the senior center and Hannaford’s Supermarket every day this week. I’m planning one more trip there at lunchtime today.


Upper Driveway Cars In SnowAs you can imagine turnout at the senior center has been light compared to normal. Our wonderful cook, Lynne, is on vacation this week so there have been other volunteers filling her shoes as she & her family enjoy a break. Our prayers are with her as we wish her well and that she return to us safely, refreshed and smiling.



8 thoughts on “Chilly Start To Friday

  1. It was sunshine and dry pavement when I left my house for work this morning, but I could see the line of snow clouds on the other side of the city. As I drove in, it got darker and darker, and the roads were snow-covered. So far at the office, I’ve only seen a little snow, but the storm is supposed to turn back into the city later this morning and then hit my neighborhood right at rush hour. Going to be a fun drive home, apparently. But then I get to stay in for the entire sub-zero weekend, so I’m ok with it.

  2. But by the middle of next week, it’ll be back in the forties. It must have been really COLD this morning because the upstairs radiators were working overtime, pumping head into the bedroom … which they do so rarely, I’m not usually sure if they are working. Well, it IS winter. But it’s now late winter. A good thing because spring is not far away.

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