And The Winner Is…… Steve

The Senior Center in Uxbridge celebrated Valentine’s Day yesterday with a big party. The dining hall was packed with happy seniors, volunteers and lots of special guest dignitaries. There was a polka player and a videographer on hand to record the festivities. Guests brought trays of bagged goodies for all the seniors and passed them out as lunch was being served. With Lynne, our regular chef, on vacation we enjoyed cold sandwiches, a fresh salad and pickles along with desert. There were trays of finger foods all over the place as our seniors loaded their plates with goodies not normally present at this center. There were Valentine cookies and fudge brownies galore.

Part of the festivities were drawings for prizes brought to the center by our friends and visiting dignitaries. My table mate, Steve, had just returned to the center after an organ transplant that saved his life. He was lucky enough to win the grand prize of a special Valentine basket complete with a heart shaped box of chocolates that also contained a stuffed Teddy Bear and helium balloons. He had quite a grin on his face as he had planned on giving it to his wife at home. Steve & I enjoyed our day together as we had a lot in common.

And The Winner Is Steve


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