A Photo a Week Challenge: Perspective


Perspective and composition are two studies I teach my photography student to look for when setting up their shots. I taught them to try to get the full final picture they had in their mind’s eye in the frame of their camera. In the case of scenic shots that I’m posting below it’s just a matter of moving to get the best angle and choosing the right angle and focal length lens to pull it off.

When I was putting together my collection of gear I chose three fixed focal length lenses: 18mm, 27mm, & 35mm Fujinon “X” series glass along with two X-series zoom lenses; 18-55mm & 55-200mm lenses. All are fast glass, lightweight and extremely sharp. I would never own a lens that didn’t produce tack sharp photos.

I look for vanishing lines off into the horizon that I can diagonally position in my compositions. Sometimes I use the “rule of thirds” and sometime the perspective lines lead the viewer’s eye through the scene. Both are sound compositional elements that keep photographs interesting.

Boat Dock 2

Fishnet Factory Bench

Skycity Restaurant #1

Southern Pacific Lines #90

Yaquina Head Lighthouse 6


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