Anger, Stupidity, Disgust

Eye In The TreeThese are the emotions rolling over me after the republican party has promised to reject ANY nomination to the Supreme Court by president Obama. That amplifies the reason why our country is mired in gridlock politically from the first day President Obama took office. There are racial bigots galore in the Republican Party that need to be replaced, one way, or another. This statement of censure is more outrageous, more sickening, than anything Donald Trump has said to date.

If anything has become self evident during this election year it’s that the American people are REALLY fed up with Washington. 7 years of Republicans voting NO on every piece of legislation put forth by the president is proof that we need a change. The problem is that the American public deserves better than we presently have in the house & senate, on both sides of the fence. I feel the time has come to clean house. We need a third party candidate who can’t be bought, can’t be corrupted by blood oaths to follow party lines.

Looking at the candidates left in the race the closest person still reaching for true change is Bernie Sanders. Maybe some citizen out there hears my cry and will get in the race before it’s too late for all of us. Maybe.


2 thoughts on “Anger, Stupidity, Disgust

  1. Hi Bob, I agree with you 1000% I am so tired of the GOP acting like 4 year old whinny babies. I won’t even watch the news in the am.

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