More Storms Roll Through New England

This has been a very stark departure from the weather here last Winter. We’ve experienced every possible weather pattern in just the past 48 hours. We’ve experienced a 70 degree swing from -16 to 55 predicted for this afternoon. We’ve seen snow, rain, sleet, ice and high winds. There have been wind chill factors down to -40 degrees. The roads are dangerous with accidents everywhere. A lady was even tragically killed by a 200 pound manhole cover flying through her car’s windshield and a man was killed by a crane collapsing the entire length of a city block. All were strange, tragic deaths that remind us that we never really know when we will die or how.

So, as the weeks tick off the calendar this Winter we can almost see light at the end of the tunnel. We’re past the halfway point and can start dreaming about Spring. Don’t fool yourself though because things are still really bizarre outside. Anything can still happen in the weeks to come. I’m just hunkering down and venturing out when it’s the safest to drive. The stores in Uxbridge were packed yesterday stocking up for the next round of unpredictable weather. Stay safe all!



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