“Expose For The Highlights”

It’s a fundamental premise for well exposed photographs. if you want detail throughout the spectrum of highlights to shadow areas you must retain the detail in the highlights first. You can lessen detail in the shadows and midtone areas easier than trying to add detail that’s blown out in the original exposure. I teach my photography students that to expose for the highlight area before pressing that shutterbutton you’re saving a photograph from the delete button.

The photo below was taken at Pleasant Street Church where I attend services as often as I can. -16 degrees doesn’t count. I used no flash in the shot, preferring to take advantage of the adequate window light. In post processing there was no need to layer duplicate copies of the original to bring out more detail in the outside view. Simple adjustment of the highlights, midtones and shadow detail in Adobe Camera RAW was all that was necessary to expose this shot for what some my refer to as HDR or High Dynamic Range. My photographs are often confused ny the multiple shot layering technique used to get perfect exposure throughout a photograph. It’s all done in the camera by understanding how your metering system works and exposing for the highlights rather than the midtones. It works for me!

Pleasant Street Sitting Area


2 thoughts on ““Expose For The Highlights”

  1. HI Bob, Great INFO! The photo is so beautiful! I’m going up to visit my niece and babies in the hospital in Tacoma next Saturday. Any suggestions on how to take their photos. I probably can’t pick them up. Of course I wouldn’t do flash. They graduated to intermediate care a couple days ago and do well as long as they rest. They weight 4 lb. 3 oz. Mom was in the er yesterday with terrible pain in her incision and sees the dr and wound clinic tomorrow. Fred Meyer had their half yearly clearance sale 70% off so I was able to buy a quite a few baby clothes. I hope to get her a couple more preemie outfits from the Carter’s store at Cedar Hills Crossing. I hope their store is still 40% off. The cost of baby clothes is incredible although after having made a few doll clothes I know that it is just as hard to make doll clothes as adult clothes. I’ve gotten a lot of new clothes at Goodwill. Yesterday I got 28 nice outfits at a yard sale for $20.
    I’ve taken a few photos but the last 3 months I’ve had a lot of quilting to get done.
    Did I tell you about Martha? That is our robot vacuum. I think I told you I took my Canon pixma copier back. Anyway, our house is so much cleaner with her. I just couldn’t keep up with the fur and dirt from the dogs. It’s amazing how much better the dust level is…like normal.
    I am getting my prosthetic eye made this week. I am so excited about getting a new eye. It will look so much better. My eyelid has become terribly droopy over time.
    Fred asked me to do the Dr. Who tardis quilt for payments of the 20% I’d owe him. I also gave him a couple rosaries for his friend and his secretary a couple wall hangings. Actually, I think he owes me, but I’m not worried. If I come out even that’s great.

    Well, I learn so much from you! Thanks so much.

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