Share Your World – 2016 Week 8

What household chore do you absolutely hate doing?

That would be laundry. It’s not bad these days because there’s a washer & dryer right in my bathroom. I only own two loads of clothes so it’s a lot easier than it used to be in an apartment house with 4 loads and three flights of stairs to climb down to the building laundry room.

What was the last URL that you bookmarked?

Table 2That’s difficult to pinpoint because I bookmark a great deal. I do research on prospective purchases, deleting bookmarked sites as I find better deals. After ordering the final selection I return to delete all the bookmarks for that project. My last was a dining/computer table for a good price. I’ll order two black parsons tables from WalMart for $89 apiece. 🙂

Close your eyes. Listen to your body. What part of your body is seeking attention? What is it telling you?

Funny you should ask that as I just needed to blow my nose. LOL

Would you rather have a two-bedroom apartment in a big city of your choosing or a mansion in the country side in the state or country where you currently live?

How about an apartment in a tucked away neighborhood, flat with good parking. If it’s less than a mile from main street it’s ideal.


2 thoughts on “SHARE YOUR WORLD – 2016 WEEK 8

  1. After reading your answer to #1 I was reminded I forgot to take the laundry out of the washing machine. I had to stop reading and go throw it in the dryer and come back and finish. Having a washer and dryer in the bathroom sounds ideal.

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