Rainy Day Schedule

The title of this post is misleading. On rainy days I have no schedule. I can hear the rain pouring down outside in Uxbridge, MA with a thunderstorm moving through here at 2:30 a.m. a few hours ago. That woke me up sufficiently to get up and power down my iMac just for safety sake. I haven’t posted much lately and I’m a bit tired of digging up old pictures to rework or repost. I suppose it’s just the blah nasty rainy, snowy, freezing cold weather in New England. It’s 4:45 a.m. and 57 degrees outside. If you don’t like that just wait a few hours or a whole day and it’s likely to be in the 20s. Bizarre weather for sure!

I’ve got to get out later this afternoon to drive to Worcester, MA to my VA Clinic for a checkup. It’s also a “meet & greet” with my 2nd primary care physician in just 4 months. I only saw my last one 20 minutes on a “meet & greet”. All my doctors are women from India and some actually speak broken English. Others might have a license to practice medicine in Massachusetts, seriously! I though the government was going to make the VA better? They never tell you your primary doctor has moved on. It seems a lot like a revolving door which my clinic actually has. 🙂

So that’s my battle plan for the day. I took my last Metformin caplet this morning so I’ll request new script for all my prescriptions. By the way, they promised to do that 3 months ago. NOT! It didn’t happen. 😦


2 thoughts on “Rainy Day Schedule

  1. We get a lot of that weather here too, Bob. Spring on the south shore of Lake Erie is not very springlike. Good luck with the VA and revolving doctors. That must be a real downer. Cheer up, though, it will soon be much lighter in the evening, and I heard (and saw) my first redwing blackbird this week. Yay!

    • My blood pressure soared a number of times yesterday. The VA is a national disgrace. I actually wanted to shoot up the whole place yesterday. They don’t give a damn about vets. Anyone want to sick the VA police on me I’ll gladly let them lock me up and give me free room and board. Beats living on the street.

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