Rant – The VA

I’m sure most of you remember the scandal involving our Veterans Administration and the piss poor care the provide our veterans. I am one of those veterans of the Vietnam era war. Yes, I used the term war, not conflict. It was a useless war that never should have happened. Now we’re forced to buy clothing and junk from Vietnam, Cambodia & China at your local department store. What happened to stopping the spread of Communism, the red plague? Follow the money trail!

I got piss poor service from the VA in Portland, OR, waiting 9 months for an appointment to see a Urologist when I reported to a VA hospital emergency room because I was pissing blood. I can’t count the number of primary care doctors I was assigned in Portland. I’m on my 2nd primary care doctor from India here in Massachusetts and I’ve only live here 4 months. With each change I have a “Meet & Greet”, a term I’ve coined through the years for the initial interview with your newest doctor. Make it count because you may never see her again, literally. They rehash the same old song & dance, “your blood sugar’s too high”, ” your blood pressure is too high”, “you need to lose weight and control your diet”. “Why are you depressed”?

It’s all a broken record. All I’m trying to do is minimize contact with them, refuse useless tests that probe one orifice or another and get them to prescribe my meds to civilian pharmacies where I can catch a break at the costs. I’m tired of snotty nurses that insist “we don’t do that here”! I asked her if the rules are the same in Oregon than they are in MA? She gets pissed. She’ll have to get over it. I left the clinic with fresh script!

I’m getting too old to fight for my benefits. Funny that not one presidential candidate, Republican or Democrat, has said one word about VA benefits, not one. What would happen if vets went on strike while on active duty and marched on the white house after they are discharged and denied proper care? A thought!


3 thoughts on “Rant – The VA

  1. God bless you for your service. I believe Trump will fix the VA if elected. Check out my page for my current and upcoming political and theological posts. Follow for follow!

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