It’s Spring – What Can I Say!

I’ve been sick! That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. For weeks now I’ve had some form of intestinal virus that’s been going around. Everyone in my household has come down with it. It lasts a very long time. Somehow, when you’re stomach is constantly upset you don’t feel like doing anything. I’ve lived close to a bathroom and Alka-Seltzer the whole time.

I have been attending lunches, on occasion, at the senior center in town. At least I don’t have to cook when I’m feeling rotten. The hot meals are a blessing. The tables are always decorated with some form of a tiny vase and flowers. Aha! It’s a chance to take a few pictures and put together for a post. “My death has been greatly exaggerated”!

Solo Rose On Table

Two Pink Flowers


9 thoughts on “It’s Spring – What Can I Say!

  1. Your last line got me to thinking about a funny story — well at least it’s funny in retrospect. I was a reporter and/or columnist for 4 different newspapers for years, and I always tried to make sure of my facts by double and triple-checking, but even then I made a few mistakes. But one other local columnist — an acquaintance of mine — once made the mistake most dreaded by all reporters: She reported that a local man had died —— but he had not. She can laugh about it now, but it’s about the most embarrassing thing any news reporter could ever do.

  2. Here our trees are in full bloom with the white flowers, the pink ones are starting to bloom and jonquils are out. Spring is here!

    • Officially Spring is here yet it’s a chilly day. At 2:30 p.m. here it’s 36 degrees. We’re heading for a cold couple of days with highs near freezing and lows near 17. The sun is out & brilliant. 🙂

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