Warning – I got Da Cold

Good Morning GrouchIt started this morning when I woke up, that scratchy throat that’s always a dead giveaway of an oncoming cold. I’ve had some form of intestinal virus for almost two weeks. It’s migrated to my nose. After just three hours of sleep tonight I’m up because I had turned into the dreaded mouth breather. I’m going to call in and have the senior center take my name off the lunch roll for Thursday. Can’t be infecting seniors with a cold virus. Someone was nice enough to share it with me but I think I’ll just call it quits for lunches this week and try to kick this bug before my appointment at a Boston VA Hospital for an ultrasound this coming Monday morning. I’m supposed to drive to Worcester VA Clinic and get on a shuttle bus that takes folks to that hospital and back. I won’t get home until Monday afternoon, eating lunch in their cafeteria before boarding that bus for the return leg of the trip. An ultrasound is a fasting procedure so I may wind up eating breakfast there as well.

Isn’t it ironic that I waited for Spring to arrive before I get sick? It’s been less than 24 hours since I started sneezing and blowing my nose constantly. I’ll let it run its course without taking a lot of medication. My main weapon of choice is Alka Seltzer that contains aspirin and tiny bubbles to help sooth the squirreled up stomach. Then it’s rest, rest, rest. “Feed a cold, starve a fever” so I’ll try and eat well while I’m down and out. I’m not visiting Marilyn & Garry much in the past two weeks because they don’t need to catch the bugs I have to share with them. “Hello upstairs, I’m alive”!



5 thoughts on “Warning – I got Da Cold

  1. Strange. I wasn’t aware intestinal bugs could migrate to the nose. Feel better and take your e reader to the hospital.

    • I doubt the VA Hospital has an available Wi-Fi network but I will have my Nexus 7 tablet with me just in case. I realize I don’t need the internet to read my Amazon books so there’s always that.

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