Gone On Safari

Greeting Card BlankIt will be an epic journey today, a trip to the wilds of Boston. I’m heading to Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts by way of Worcester, MA VA Clinic. I have an ultrasound test scheduled for early this morning and plan on taking the shuttle bus from the clinic in Worcester. Having never been anywhere close to Boston on my own I thought this would be the safer way to travel to my appointment. I’ll be starting my journey within the hour and probably arrive back home somewhere around 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. In retirement, time is one thing I have in abundance, so why not get on a bus with other veterans and make it a big adventure? Someone mentioned there’s a meal ticket waiting for me somewhere. I’ve always liked hospital food and I can only hope their cafeteria is as good as the one I had in Portland, OR. Wish me luck! The hard part is not eating breakfast as this is a fasting test. I’ll be hunting for that cafeteria for a light breakfast when it’s complete.



3 thoughts on “Gone On Safari

  1. Keeping you in my prayers today as always. When Rebecca was 1 1/2 years in Maryland on a special Boeing project, she went to Boston a couple times. She said they had a better New Years Eve than New York City. She was there I think over Thanksgiving and went to a nice restaurant for dinner. She was at a table with a number of people. When they learned she was alone they insisted on paying for her dinner. She said it wasn’t cheap either. Take good care and I hope you have delicious food.

    • My ultrasound is finished as is my lunch. I caught the cafeteria between breakfast and lunch so I wound up getting my chicken and potato wedges for free as there was nobody there collecting money. Now I must wait up to 3 hours for the shuttle to come. I’m in a waiting area with a TV and a Wi-Fi connection. It’s all good.😁

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