Things That Brighten My Day

There are many reasons I’ve started going to the senior center in Uxbridge. The lunch served there is good, well balanced and portioned for health. The workers and volunteers are friendly and dedicated to helping any senior walking through their doors. I feel senior needs are sometime overlooked and forgotten in this country but not at this center dedicated just to them. I wish they had existed in other parts of the country where I’ve lived.

Below are a couple of photos showing two coworkers, Lynne & Pete, taking a break before the lunch crowd arrives and occupies their time fully. Pete is a volunteer that drives the center’s shuttle bus, picking up and delivering our seniors to lunches, shopping and appointments. Lynne is our staff chef, the best I’ve ever known, serving the needs of seniors. She adds that little touch of something special at every meal.

Lynne & Pete 01

Table Flowers 01


8 thoughts on “Things That Brighten My Day

  1. I am so glad you found the Senior Center.
    We are having all the floors redone with bamboo. I don’t know where much of anything is and dust is on EVERYTHING. Learned today that above the subflooring the stuff was/is particle board and is being taken out. Luckily they are only charging us for the plywood and not the labor. It seems to be the dickens to take out, but what little I saw. The 4 workers really work hard and the store owner is over frequently and really seems to know what he is doing. I think it will be a great job when it is done. We took the dogs to PetSmart Doggie Hotel. We were afraid they’d chew on something bad or get a nail in their paw. Zap the Cat is doing well, she’s on my pillow. After Scott and I painted the sewing room we left for the afternoon and saw Zootopia this evening. It’s not great, but OK.
    Well since I have nothing I can do I might venture over to the Senior Center in Beaverton, the Sthur Center. Take care. If it wasn’t raining I’d go to the zoo.

    • I believe the Southwick Zoo in Mendon opens April 11th here. I’ve double checked the website and I can get a type of membership that gets me in the zoo for free all year for $55. I’ll try for that immediately as a senior ticket is $18 for one visit.

      Still no word from the housing authority on a unit offer. Please keep me in your prayers as the stress of the upcoming confrontation with my landlord about her eviction is about 3 weeks away.

      Your new bamboo flooring sound beautiful. I’ve read somewhere it’s a very popular choice for new floors as it comes from a renewable source and is beautiful. Let me know how you like it when it’s down. – Bob

  2. Such beautiful smiles on those glowing faces. The vase and flowers are beautiful, so bright like they are announcing the arrival of a soon coming Spring.
    I have not blogged in quite a while and with my own declining health and also the care needed by the Bald Dude, my husband, I got overwhelmed and needed to walk away and regroup and adjust.
    Happy to see are still doing well and getting out and about.

    • Hello Ruth. It’s good to hear that you are still with us. I’ve been worried about you, the Bald Guy and Ali.
      I’m struggling to remain interested in blogging as I have more pressing issues staring me in the face right now. Welcome back.

      • TY Bob and I understand what you are saying about struggling to rain interested in blogging.
        Good to see you again.

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