New Blood

I’m sitting here looking out the front yard window that is a reverse reflection in my iMac computer monitor. I see two dogs running around in the snow seemingly chasing each other. The dogs owners just added a second black Scotty who if full of spit and vinegar. This is his first experience with snow since moving in the house last week. Nobody knew how he would react to his environment that includes a second black female Skotty, Bonnie, and their male Australian sheep dog, Bishop. Right now Bishop is trailing behind the new Skotty happily woofing up a storm. I know Bishop loves the snow, preferring to just lay in the deepest drifts all day. The Scotties are both bouncing around in the new snowpack.

Bishop #1

Bonnie #10


2 thoughts on “New Blood

    • Imagine two running around the front yard with 6″ of snow freshly fallen. It was hilarious watching their endless energy and the Australian shepherd trying to keep up. All three dogs got quite a workout yesterday.

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